How to get pregnant if male partner is having Erectile Dysfunction? – Dr. Basavaraj Devarashetty


If erectile dysfunction is there we need to find out whether it is really organic erectile dysfunction or whether it is psychological. Measure it at the time when it is more of a psychological, because of the stress And strain in the relationship with the partners, insufficient time available and tiredness. So these are the main things which can affect the normal sexual activity. If the erectile dysfunction is a true erectile dysfunction, we have to evaluate and tell them to lose weight and tell them to do regular exercise, if they are smoking, he has to cut down smoking, if he has diabetes, he has to cut down diabetes and cholesterol. If still it is not, and if it is a simple erectile dysfunction, we can reassure and ask him to try. If not able to, we can prescribe medications similar to sildenafil citrate or tadalafil. These has to be taken under the guidance of the doctors and majority of the time, it does do well. If he is not able to do then properly evaluated and dealt separately. But infertility point of view how to achieve pregnancy if there is erectile dysfunction is one is they can do insemination at home at the time of ovulation. that also instructions should be taken from the doctor when to do the insemination and how to do and it has to be timed, wife has to undergo a scan and if they find it difficult, the they have to undergo intrauterine insemination, where husband gives a sample in the lab, we wash the sperms and separate the active from the dead sperms inject the sperms inside the wife’s uterus. So that will help to achieve pregnancy in the case of erectile dysfunction.