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Taking Tai Chi Green Tea ( her life tranformed.
How to fight diabetes/ lower blood sugar naturally

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This lady, after taking Tai Chi Green Tea ( for 2 years, her life has changed! We ran into her at Southtown Health Foods, Sept 3, 2011

Many Americans were just using low-quality green tea to ruin their health! We wished to do something so that people can enjoy health benefits of the real green tea. In 2005, we set up Tai Chi Green Tea Inc (

Our green tea sells most expensive and sells the best in almost all the stores that carry it. At places no stores carry this tea, thousands of people order it online (we do not do any promotion. Most people get to know it by word of mouth! )

So many people’s life has been totally changed because of our green tea!

Thanks to people who are willing to share their green tea experiences with us!

By your help, by your efforts — sharing your Tai Chi Green Tea experiences, letting your friends to take up green tea, more people will enjoy a healthier, happier life; this world will be better!

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