How to Heal Cancer with Alternative Treatments & Start Living on Purpose | BREAK FREE 2018


I am healing my cancer using a combination of conventional and alternative therapies offered here at CHIPSA Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. I’ve seen absolutely incredible results in less than 2 months using prayer, psychology, juicing, supplements, Ozone, Hyperbaric Chamber, Chelation, IV Vitamin C & K3, b17, and much more. Watch and see for yourself! These treatments are working. My tumors have continued to shrink and are not even visible to the eyes any more. If you touch my neck you can feel it. But its shrinking bit by bit s my health is restored. Praise God!

The New Year Update is Here!!!

This is the year.
Break Free with Me in 2018.

Listen… I really put a lot of effort into this & it took me being very patient to finish this like I wanted to. I put the links to the gofundme and my website below. Check those out. Lastly, I really appreciate you sharing it with your friends & specifically sharing it with people that you think would dig it…. LIKE CASEY NIESTAT, jk. But seriously!

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