How To Prevent & Deal With A Side Stitch While Running

Side stitch, side pain, side cramp? Why do you get this annoying pain whilst running? And more importantly, how do you solve it and prevent it returning in the future?

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In the medical world, the pain is referred to as Exercise Related Transient Abdominal Pain, ETAP. However, you might have heard it called a side stitch, side ache, cramp or even a sticker.

There are varying theories as to what causes this side pain including:
– Eating and drinking too much
– Too many sit ups
– Poor bike position
– Lopsided gait/breathing on one side
The one thing these seem to have in common is the diaphragm as it’s thought that the reduction in blood flow to the region for whatever reason produces the stitch pain.

To get some tips on how to combat this side stitch we speak to two experts:
– Fiona Lathander, Sports Nutritionist at Team Bath
– Barry Edwards, Sports Physiotherapist at Team Bath
Both kindly share there tips on how to prevent getting a stitch and how to deal with it when you do!

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