How to Reverse Hypothyroidism | A Natural Cure to Thyroid Dysfunction


Are you feeling frustrated with your thyroid? Are you dealing with a poorly functioning – underactive thyroid and hypothyroidism? Learn ways to naturally cure and reverse hypothyroidism in 6 easy steps. This video is for thyroid problems in men and women and for folks who want to cure their hypothyroidism naturally without the use of synthetic medications. Learn 6 steps to cure and heal your hypothyroid state naturally.

6 Steps to Cure Hypothyroidism and Thyroid Dysfunction:
1. Lower Inflammation Levels

2. Avoid Medications with Lithium

3. Cure Nutritional Deficiencies:

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4. Cortisol (Stress) Management

5. Heal Your Gut

6. Toxin Free Lifestyle
Water filtering is a MUST 1st start to clearing out harmful thyroid toxins from your body.

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