How To Use A Penis Pump For Penis Enlargement

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I’m Susan Bratton, your trusted hot sex adviser, with Dr. Robin Benson. I’m at Amplified Regenerative Therapies in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I wanted to talk about the penis pump, why it’s good and a bit about how it works.

All men who get a P Shot at Regenerative Therapies get a penis pump. A P Shot is a non-surgical procedure. Using a Penis Pump for 10 minutes a day fortifies healthy circulation. It’s really good for the skin because it keeps it from atrophying.

When you pump the penis, you’re creating micro tears to the muscle tissue. Then your body brings in your PRP and your human growth hormone to repair and rebuild that muscle.

What’s the mechanism behind the penis pump?

When you create a bruise, all the blood comes to the surface. When you traumatize any area, even with the PRP, you’re getting growth factors into the penis.

The recommended 30-minute pumping session:

– Prepare your penis with a warm, wet washcloth or hand towel.
– Lubricate your entire penis and the base of the cylinder with water-based lubricant.
– Place it at the base of your penis and get a good seal.
– Pump for 10 minutes with The Whopper 3-inch cylinder flaccid (not hard).
– Follow the vacuum pressure numbers for the designated week. (-2 to -4 for the first 3 weeks)
– Release the pressure and remove the 3-inch cylinder.
– Enjoy 3 minutes of deep tissue, pleasurable penis massage to gain an erection.
– Pump for another 10 minutes with the 2-inch cylinder with a hard on at the recommended vacuum pressure.
– Release the pressure of the 2-inch cylinder.
– Wash up and you’re done.

Do this every other day for 90 days to see gains. If you want it to be permanent, continue a maintenance program of once or twice a week.