How to use Encore Vacuum Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction?


Encore Vacuum Therapy System is a fully-featured system with both battery and manual pump heads. The battery-powered pump is activated by simply pushing the “On” button into position. This erectile dysfunction system is very affordable and a popular choice among customers. It is extremely easy to operate and is very quiet and efficient.

How to use Encore Penis Pumps?
Step 1. Put the Encore Penis Pump in one end of the tube and the ring ejector on the other.
Step 2. Choosing the best tension ring.
Step 3. Insert the mounting cone into the end of the penile tube that has the ring ejector.
Step 4. Scrotal tissue protection with barrier shield.
Step 5. Insert the penis into the penile tube and apply slight pressure against the body at the base of the penis to assure a vacuum. Simply depress the vacuum plunger to engorge the penis with blood.
Step 6. Put the tension ring on the penis.

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