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Treatment Oil for Powerful Hair Growth – Thick and Full
The Infinix black seed base is a 100% natural, vegetable-based, anti-dandruff hair treatment that is infused with pure Black Seeded Oil (Nigella Sativa). It is designed to be used as an alternative to chemical-based, synthetic treatments.
To maintain a healthy scalp, few products can match the benefits of black seed infused oils. Infinix is a natural and organic product that contains treatment oils and herbal extracts to fight dryness, damage, and itching on your scalp. It gently nourishes hair follicles to provide the necessary moisture to achieve a healthy scalp. In addition, these oils are clinically proven to maintain a natural hair growth cycle, keeping you looking young and stunning.
Experience the power of hair growth in just two weeks with our black seed-infused treatment oil. Packed with protein and amino acids, black seed treatment oil softens, nourishes, and regenerates your hair whilst stimulating healthy new hair growth to create a fuller, healthier-looking head of hair. With regular use over a period of four weeks, you will see your hair follicles restored, revitalized, and transformed for thicker, heavier, and higher volume hair.