Insights from an Autistic: Alternative Treatments & Cures


This video discusses alternative treatments for autism such as meditation, reiki, dieting and fasting, open-heart meditation, energy work, and the law of attraction.
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Purchase anything from the link above and a small portion of those purchases will go to supporting my channel. I have made lists from autism books and items to fun stuff like Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars and Pop! items, and also some of my favorite board games as well. About Arman Khodaei: Arman Khodaei has spent over ten years serving the autism and Asperger’s community. He runs a social activities program for adults on the autism spectrum and has created over 400 YouTube videos focused on autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. He, himself, is on the autism spectrum and was appointed in 2014 by California Governor Jerry Brown to be on Area Board XII of the State Council on Developmental Disabilities. In his spare time, Arman likes playing board and card games, especially Dominion, and he enjoys helping others realize their dreams. Oh, and he he also loves cats!