Insulin Plant A Diabetes Home Natural Herbal Remedy || Magic Cure for Diabetes Naturally

In this video you will come to know about a magical herb which is highly beneficial for treating Diabetes the natural / Herbal way.

You must be wondering what is Insulin Plant ? Insulin Plant is a medical plant that is capable of delivering a magic cure for Diabetes. But why is named like that ? Because Leaf of this plant helps to build up insulin in our body by strengthening beta cells of Pancreas and this is the unique property that has earned this herb the name Insulin plant.

If you have diabetes then you must be curious enough by this time to know about the place from where this magical herb can be sourced. Let me show you the places where this plant is abundant in nature.

India – In the southern part of this country this plant is grown as ornamental plant in gardens and is quite available. If you want to get it from there then you have to know the local name of this plant as in India this herb is known in different names in different states. So lets see the local names of the plant in different languages. In bengali it is known as Piasal.In Hindi it is known as Banda or Boja sal or Peisar or Jarul or Keukand. In Kannada this is known as Kampu Honne.In Malayalam is called Honne or Vengai. In Tamil it is known as Koslam. In Sankrit Asana. In Marathi Honi. In Oriya Vengis. In Telegu Peddavesiga. In Gujrati Pakarmula. In English Banaba and lastly in Urdu Bijasar.

The other part of the world where this plant is available is South and Central America. In-fact this is the native place of this plant. In this region it is commonly known as Fiery Costus or Step Ladder or Spiral Flag or Insulin Plant.

Now you know the places from where you can get it but how would you recognize it ? Well Insulin plant is a perennial, upright, spreading plat that is approximately two feet tall. For your reference I have included a picture of this plant in the frame on left.

Now you are good to get it. So next you need to know the dosage for this herb in order to get optimal result. During the first week of the course one needs to take two leaves in the morning and two in the evening. From second week onwards one leave in the morning and one in the evening. Ideally this coarse should last for 30 days. And Remember to chew leaves well before swallowing. You can take little water after chewing.

Next I must inform you about the warning associated with the consumption of this herb. Pregnant and lactating women need to stay away from this herb as it can have adverse effect on them.

Check out the video about the features of this herb, Where to get it, How to recognize it and how to use it for maximum benefit.

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