Kari Gray – Greensurance: Health Care Insurance That Allows Alternative Treatments – Episode 48


TODAY’S GUEST: Kari Gray is founder and CEO of GreenSurance. A cancer-survivor and alternative advocate, Kari is uniquely qualified to lead this innovation as a 30-year successful veteran entrepreneur. A multi-award winning talented professional, Kari’s passion, tenacity, commitment, vision, knowledge and experience took a two decade dream for natural medicine health care into a reality today. With a self-sacrificing determination after a second chance at life, Kari Gray ‘pays it forward’ through the GreenSurance health program revolution. Are You Looking for an Alternative to the High Cost of Health Insurance? Do You Want Protected from ‘Obamacare’ ACA Penalties? Are You Looking for Natural Treatments Included in Your Health Care? Do You Love Holistic Medicine but Tired of Paying All the Costs Alone? Is Natural Medicine Your ‘Go-To’ First Choice for Health Care? Are You Tired of Health Insurance Denying Alternative Treatments?

If Your Answer is Yes, Then this interview is a must listen because GreenSurance Has Great News for you! GreenSurance is a member community that is here to serve people looking for ‘better than health insurance’ solutions.

The GreenSurance mission is: Empower People & Save Lives – Taking “It’s not covered by my health insurance” out of your healthcare conversations!

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IN THIS EPISODE: The health insurance industry is a corrupt and money-hungry racket. There, I said it – and I’m glad that I did because somebody has to tell the truth about how we’re all being taken advantage of by corporations and by the law of the land. But there’s an option available now that enables you to get the preventative care you need instead of paying to wait for a health disaster. I want to introduce you to Greensurance on this episode – a health care coop that I really believe in.

My guest today is Kari Gray, the CEO of Greensurance, a healthcare alternative that is interested in helping you take care of yourself so you don’t require major healthcare coverage but will also be there for you if you do develop a serious condition or experience an accident of some kind. I hope you’ll take the time to listen to this conversation I had with Kari. She’s got an amazing idea that’s going to sweep the world by storm.

Why should you pay a monthly premium for the “just in case” incidents and major expenses when what you should be doing is keeping yourself healthy to begin with through alternative medicines or treatments? Kari Gray and the Greensurance team don’t believe you should, and are doing everything they can to make it possible for you to be healthy so you don’t NEED major medical coverage. Find out more about this Obamacare-legal alternative – Greensurance, on this episode.

Most health care insurance isn’t health care, it’s sick-care. It’s something you only need if you’re sick. But does that mean you get rewarded if you don’t get sick? No way. You have to pay the outlandish premiums anyway. There’s got to be a better way. And there is, but it will only have the ability to help us if we band together and make it possible. You’ve got support the change you want to see, and Greensurance is one amazing way we can all do that in the healthcare field. Listen to find out more.

Many people feel that Doctors or healthcare practitioners are crooks because their prices are so high. But the reality is that many of them are genuine people who care for their patients but the grip and leverage the insurance companies have on them requires the high prices they have to charge. What if medical practitioners were able to get paid what they earn and received it in a timely way? That would transform the cost equation of the healthcare industry. Greensurance has an amazing alternative to traditional health care insurance that changes all of that. Find out more on this episode.

Outline Of This Great Episode [2:00] My introduction to this how about a great health insurance alternative. [3:07] Why current health insurance programs should really be called “sick insurance.” [8:50] Who is Kari Gray and what is Greensurance? [11:34] How Kari cured her own cancer through alternative medicine treatments. [20:00] The path toward creating Greensurance. [22:45] How the Greensurance alternative works. [24:48] What is an HSA (health savings account)? [26:30] Is it helpful to keep a HSA set up when using Greensurance? [33:08] How Greensurance deals with medical tourism. [35:38] Immediate benefits with no preexisting conditions. [37:42] The benefit of natural medicine in the coop. [39:00] Maximum out of pocket issues – a better alternative. [45:33] How the cooper negotiates prices for services rendered. [51:31] Is Greensurance supplemental or a replacement for typical health insurance. [55:15] Why…