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Learn how to confidently manage your diabetes and live a healthy, happy life.

This course focuses on providing skills and resources for you and your family to manage life with diabetes.

You will learn what diabetes is, the difference between type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes as well as how they are treated and why management is so important.

You will learn about recommended food choices and eating habits for those living with diabetes as well as the best types of exercise to help manage blood glucose levels. Lastly, we will discuss overall strategies for keeping well and managing your condition including sick day management, hypoglycaemia management and travel.

What You Will Learn
The different types of diabetes, who is at risk and how each type of diabetes is treated.
How to make good food choices and improve your eating habits.
The benefits of physical exercise and stress management.
Types of diabetes medications and how to manage them.
The importance of having your own healthcare plan and managing the challenges of daily life with diabetes.