LIVE – Mossy Politely Discusses COVID, Vaccine Mandates, and the Protests Taking Place in Canada

Well there is a lot happening right now. I have made my stance known but have not discussed much in video format. Join me on Friday February 4th as I dive in and discuss the current events with all those willing to listen and ask questions… to have a discussion.

Many of you may be curious what the extent of the protests have been here in Canada and I have been keeping a keen eye.

Hope you can join me in a peaceful discussion… around the camp fire in RED DEAD ONLINE.

The following is a list of sources I will be referencing and an explanation of the events taking place over the past week:

MANY Sources in one video:

Natural Immunity information(sources provided in video description):

Freedom of Information Request Reveals Data About COVID Death Rates:

Omicron Variant Info(Least Deadly Variant):

Alternate Treatments:

UK, Ireland, Denmark and more all loosen or drop mandates completely:



The following links are videos of the events that have taken place over the past week here in Canada:

Convoy Getting Support Across Canada on route to Parliament Hill:

Prime Minister Trudeau Goes into hiding:

Protest Begins:

Media Attacks Protest:

Justin Trudeau addresses situation remotely. Accuses protestors of “Denying Science” while still ignoring Natural Immunity and Science himself:

Protestors Fight Back Against Media Attack. Feeding Homeless, Snow Removal, Cleaning Terry Fox Statue, Guarding War Memorial and removing obviously planted not supported flags:

Police Reportedly Support Protest:

Tow Truck Companies Refuse to Tow Trucks at Convoy “Due to COVID”:

Pressure from Protest Clearly Starts to work:

Premier of Saskatchewan supports Truckers/Protestors hours after Prime Minister warns all Premiers not to:

Quebec cancels plans to Tax the unvaccinated after our voices are heard:

Premiere Moe Ends Passport Mandates for Saskatchewan:

Moe on Living with COVID:

Crowds have grown smaller but are expected to return this weekend. Of course the Truckers are still parked and say they aren’t going anywhere. Protest Leaders Hold Press Conference:

While all of this was taking place other protest were being organized around Canada:

One of the main “side” Protests let’s call it took place on the US/CAN boarder in the town of Coutts. I will provide some links to information on that situation now.

Protest Begins. Highway is blocked:

Police attempt to block any more protestors from arriving. Truckers politely drive around Police barricade eh?:

The Police attempt negotiations and get Red Pilled:

Needless to say, negotiations ceased completely after that. RCMP attempt to move in and remove protestors. They are outnumbered by peaceful defiance and back down:

Media LIES About RCMPs Failure to Control the Situation:

Negotiations reopen and an agreement is made to open one lane of the highway:

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