Liver Cleanse Pt. 3- Probiotics, Prebiotics

(0:48) Kidneys and adrenal glands. Increased GALT (inflammation in the gut), the more upregulated the adrenal glands become by dumping cortisol into the body that causes more systemic inflammation and abnormal stress responses and normal ability to function becomes impaired. Leading to sugar cravings and need for caffeine. Showing the effects of systemic consequences of liver inadequacy and GI inflammation. (2:58) Danger of being a specialist and missing the big picture of what is occurring systemically. (3:48) How do we heal the GI system? Probiotics and Prebiotics are essential. (4:20) Difference of probiotic and prebiotic. Prebiotic comes first and is usually medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and polysaccarides to help feed the probiotic. Galactin works well as a prebiotic. (5:00) Foods to help with prebiotics/probiotics. Add fermented items to your meal. Apple cider vinegar. (9:20) When trying to introduce probiotics, gut cleansing should occur and the gut should get to heal and be rid of the offending agent before dumping everything into it. (10:05) Polyps are high rise condominiums for infection. Building up of the GI system can take 3-6 months. (11:00) Story of missionary in Brazil.