Liver Pain – Causes & Location:-What Does Liver Pain Feel Like?

Liver Pain – Causes & Location:-
What Does Liver Pain Feel Like?
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What Does Liver Pain Feel Like?
Your liver is a football-sized organ that sits under your ribs. It works as your body’s processing plant. Among its more than 500 jobs are to convert food from the small intestine into substances that help you absorb fat and fight off diseases, stockpile energy, and filter and clean your blood.
Even though it’s the largest organ inside your body, it can be hard to pinpoint the pain from your liver. It’s easy to confuse it with pain from your stomach, just to its left. Depending on the cause, a liver that hurts may show up as pain in the front center of your belly, in your back, or even your shoulders.

Your liver doesn’t actually have any pain receptors. Usually, the pain happens because the membrane that surrounds it is inflamed from an illness or injury.
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