Natural Cancer Cure Therapies: Intro to 10 part series


Have you been diagnosed with cancer and wonder, “What am I going to do?” Over 5 years ago I was exactly in your shoes and I know it’s really scary! Please just know that you are going to be all right! Please calm down and take a deep breath and trust the creator of the entire universe including yourself!
Years ago, with my cancer diagnosis I faced a bewildering array of conventional and natural paths. What path should I take? I pondered my own family history of cancer and conventional treatments. Going back to my grandmother in the 1930s, and recently to my two uncles and finally my dear father who all went conventional and faced an unnecessary tortured death, much from the radical extreme treatments that is called normal cancer “care.” So, I went 100% natural, THANK GOD! But initially when I decided to go natural, I felt like a modern industrialized man thrown into an Amazon jungle with a blindfold. “Which way do I go, what do I do, HELP! HELP!!!” In that jungle, ignorance was really the only tiger to fear. Empowered with knowledge the tiger was tamed into a pussy cat. Thus, after reading around 50 books and countless articles and watching YouTube, I settled into an approach that was tailored to my body type. This I determined based on the valuable knowledge gained over 1000s of years by countless generations of Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors. I added to this ancient knowledge much modern knowledge gained through current research. Over years of prayer and consideration, my wife and I developed what we call, “Healthy House©.” This is a framework that allows you to visualize yourself within the Healthy House model© based on your individual body type, signs, symptoms, etc. Once finding which Healthy House© room you fit in most, suggested natural therapies are provided which have the most chance of working based on where you are in the Healthy House© model. Intro to the 10 part series, “Natural Cancer Cure Therapies”, contains priceless information no matter what type cancer you have and how to start battling your cancer immediately! Also how to eat better, live better and in real time assess your recovery to victory! Part One: ” Cure Your Cancer: Conventional vs. Natural” explores the decision I made between a natural and conventional approach. Every one must make their own decision but always consult a MD. Parts 2 – 10 cover a wide range of forms of medicine and with this new knowledge the ability to look for the countless clues your body gives us at all times.
Health Building parts in series:
Part 1:” Cure Your Cancer: Conventional vs. Natural” Part 2: “Ayurveda” Part 3: “Naturopathic” Part 4: “Traditional Chinese Medicine” Part 5: “Metabolic” Part 6: “Finding Your Correct Therapy” Part 7 “Fasting” Part 8 “Hyperthermia” Part 9 “Reflexology” Part 10 “Tibetan Medicine”
NOTE! The title of the series used to be ,”Natural Medical Detective.”
And now-a-days technology in regards to home testing is absolutely revolutionary. Inexpensively you can now chart your progress in real time as you recover. You aren’t a blind man crawling in the jungle!
Whether you go conventional: chemo, radiation and/or surgery, natural or a combination you have to believe in the path you are taking which makes the therapy more likely to work for you.
You don’t need to be shackled by just chemo, radiation and/or surgery. There are countless POWERFUL natural therapies to EMPOWER you and move you to victory!!!
I have studied for years this topic of cancer however I edited all the films during four 9 day only water fast. So sorry some spelling may be off. I only take 9 days off every year from construction work where my wife and I usually work at least 60 hours a week. So this is the best we could do.
Good luck folks and God speed! Jeff and Jodi Andrysick
“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”
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