Natural Cures For Hemorrhoid


Natural Cures For Hemorrhoid

A visit to the pharmacy will reveal several over the counter lotions available to treat hemorrhoids; however there are also various natural remedies available to help treat this uncomfortable and often embarrassing condition

Two simple things you can do are to eat plenty of fiber every day in such foods as whole grain, fruits and vegetables; as well as drink plenty of water. Drinking six to eight glasses a day will help to soften stools and relieve pressure on hemorrhoids. And even just bathing in warm water several times a day can help to reduce swelling and minimize pain.

Witch hazel is a proven natural remedy; it can be applied with a soft cotton ball directly on to the affected area. It has astringent properties and helps to reduce swollen hemorrhoids, as well as reduce pain. Witch hazel can be used in a salve along with horse chestnut to be even more effective.

An herb known as butchers broom, which contains ruscogen is also supposed to be effective in treating hemorrhoids. The herb helps to not only decrease swelling of the hemorrhoids, but also strengthen capillary walls and veins, although you should not use it if you suffer from high blood pressure.

Another natural cure is to use ripe banana that has been boiled and mashed into a cup of milk. Although it perhaps sounds more tempting to drink it, the mixture should be applied to the affected area.

Most of these natural cures for hemorrhoids are tried and tested; take the time to see which method might work best for you.

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