Natural Cures for UTI (#2) | Biofilm Disruptors – Herbal Remedies and Enzymes

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Natural Cures for UTI – Products Guide:

In this video we discuss how bacteria and other infectious organisms protect themselves against your immune system with protective shields called biofilms.

Learn an herbal combination (turmeric / curcumin + olive leaf extract) that is virtually unstoppable at curing even stubborn UTIs and also two enzyme-based biofilm disruptor products on the market (InterFase Plus by Klaire Labs + Biofilm Defense by Kirkman).

At the end of the video is a link to the next video discussing another biofilm disruptor called lactoferrin.

If you haven’t seen the previous video discussing D-Mannose for the treatment for 90% of UTIs (E. coli infections) then that link is also provided at the end.