Natural Medicine & Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis (Siddha – Herbal Remedies)

Natural Medicine & Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis (Siddha – Herbal Remedies)
Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis : Natural Treatment, Siddha Treatment , Siddha Medicine : Vali Azhal Keelvayu, which can be compared to Rheumatoid Arthritis as per Modern Medicine.
According to Siddha, Vali Azhal Keelvayu is caused due to derrangement of Vali and Azhal humour. This results due to improper dietery habits like increased consumption of Red Meat, Eggs, Fishes, Alcohol and Sedentery life style etc. Initially indigestion symptoms are seen like frequent constipation, obesity, abdominal discomfort etc. Then the joints of wrist, ankle, shoulders and fingers are involved with pain, redness and stiffness. The patient complaints of morning stiffness for more than one hour.
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“Ever since the Human life existed on the Earth, there lived other living beings also, such as plants and creatures side by side. Whenever human body is affected with illness on earth there exists method of curing also against the illness or diseases. The Siddha system is known to be the most Ancient system of Medicine which was devoloped by the Siddhars. The primordial Guru or Agasthiyar is the Father of Siddha Medicine. The Siddhars did various research work on Mother Nature and formulated excellent medicines prepared from plants, animals and minerals. The action and medicinal uses of the plants were realised by them through their emminent Mental and Spiritual power. They formulated the medicines from the herbs thousands and thousands of years ago which are still used in the same way without any expiry in their medicinal value…..!”