Natural Remedies For anxiety and stress | EAT SALT to reduce anxiety!!


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Natural Remedies For anxiety and stress | Eat SALT to reduce Anxiety

Hey, what’s up guys. It’s Scandinavian Bob here with an unusual tip for reducing stress and anxiety. Before I continue I want to remind you to subscribe because this channel will constantly put out more and more tools with natural ways to deal with anxiety and stress.

Natural Remedies For anxiety and stress

Now, then, did you know that salt actually has the potential to reduce anxiety quite significantly? Yes, we can actually use salt as a natural remedy for anxiety and stress

Natural Remedies For anxiety and stress:

Before I get in to how it works I want to point out that we are now talking about healthy salt, such as Himalayan Pink salt and NOT regular table salt. You see when table salt is processed it get’s striped of healthy minerals, such as for example potassium and in addition to this it gets bleached and they also add chemicals such as ammonia This is not good for us as it messes with our body’s natural sodium and potassium balance.

Natural Remedies For anxiety and stress

But how does Himalayan pink salt help with anxiety. Well, to start with studies show that it helps reduce our stress hormone cortisol but what’s even more interesting is that it INCREASES the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin a powerful hormone tacting as a neurotransmitter in our brain. When we have high levels of oxytocin we feel relaxed, good and we have a better ability to trust people. It is also almost an antidote to low mood and mood swings. Oxytocin improves social interactions and is sometimes called the bonding hormone. This is interesting from and anxiety point of view and in particular social anxiety. Just listen to this, they actually tested rats by giving them extra salt during periods of high anxiety and they found that the rats instantly experienced reduced anxiety levels and they became MORE interactive.

Natural Remedies For anxiety and stress

When I learned about this I actually tried it out for myself. Pink himalayan salt as a natural remedy for anxiety and stress. I had a particular stressful week last month and I tested this for 5 days in a row. I put himalayan salt on almost everything I ate and I even put 1/4 of a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and drank it, after coming home from work and before bed time. It worked. I’d say that it gave me an about 30% stress reduction.

Natural Remedies For anxiety and stress

Now what about the health issues of salt. Well, regular table salt increases blood pressure because it is refined and…well…it’s basically fake salt. IT’s not good for you. )You must use unrefined sea salt or rock, himalayan salt because that contains a lot of valuable minerals and electrolytes( Real, Himalayan salt i the purest salt you can find. So try a little bit of extra salt the next time you are having anxiety however, don’t overdo it though because, even though himalayan salt is healthy it can increase blood pressure if you go overboard with it…it can also cause build up the water in the body if you use it too much. A little goes a long way here.That said iit is one more weapon against anxiety you can have in your life’s toolbox….or in your anxiety tool box.

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