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Natural cures for Tinnitus by Dr Tom O Brien PHD Master Herbalist, Subscribe here is defined as ‘The perception of sound in the absence of an acoustic stimulus’ (The Merck Manual). It can be experienced as a sensation of noise in the ear – buzzing, ringing, high pitch tones and scream like sounds that can be intermittent or continuous and can drive its victims to suicide.

Causes can vary – build up of wax, earache, deafness, anaemia, high or low blood pressure, dental issues, vertigo, side effects of certain drugs, can be cardiovascular or related to diabetes. Can also be simply caused by excessive noise exposure leading to damage to the nerves in the ear.

Treatment will depend on an individuals history and current health status. Its important to treat the associated causes and improve over all health. Principle herbs in the treatment of Tinnitus use – Ginkgo, Hawthorn or Black Cohosh. If associated with poor circulation use Cayenne pepper. Linked to stress in the head use Skullcap. If its due to a sensory hearing impairment use skullcap, hops, passion flower
If its associated with heart and circulatory disorders use hawthorn and garlic. If associated with past infections use Echinacea and if there are Kidney weakness, use Horsetail (Bartram’s Encyclopaedia of Herbal Medicine).

Avoid refined foods, dairy products, caffeine, alcohol, smoking and salt. Supplements to take include – Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamins A and D and Apple cider vinegar

Supportive treatments include; Yoga, mediation, mindfulness, stress management

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