Natural Treatments for Diabetes


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Today I’m going to share my top tips for reversing diabetes (for Type 2) and natural treatments for diabetes. If you follow this specific diet, supplementation, essential oil regimen, and lifestyle tips, you will see results fast.

Diet: (for Type 2)

1. Protein-rich foods
2. Fiber-rich foods
3. Healthy fat-rich foods
4. Foods high in chromium
5. Foods rich in Magnesium
6. Coconut oil


1. Sugar
2. Carbohydrates/grains
3. Conventional dairy


1. Chromium Picolinate
2. Cinnamon
3. Fish Oil
4. ALA
5. Magnesium

Essential Oils:

1. Cinnamon Essential Oil
2. Corriandor Essential Oil


1. Keep stress levels low
2. Detox bath
3. Take deep breaths
4. Burst Training Exercise

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