Natural Treatments Going Mainstream


It follows one basic principle: helping the body heal itself. A cornerstone of naturopathic medicine, it’s an age-old practice whose time has come.

“I’m working in a collaborative practice to help bring natural solutions to people who previously really didn’t have access to it or maybe didn’t know enough about it or are curious about it but aren’t really sure which direction to go,” says Teresa Spano.

Teresa Spano is part of the integrative team at Lee Memorial Health System. It applies a wholesome approach to health care- looking at medical conditions in a new way.

“Integrative medicine is the best of both worlds. I am well-versed in traditional, western medicine but also I learned the eastern side: the non-traditional, the alternative medicines,” says Dr. Heather Auld, who is an integrative physician with Lee Memorial Health System.

The field is complimentary to modern medical approaches, but instead of focusing on symptoms, it seeks to address the underlying causes. Turns out a lot of people are looking for a natural way to cure what ails them.

“They’re having difficulty sleeping or they have anxiety and they don’t really know why. A lot of people are dealing with stress. They just want to know how to change their diet,” says Spano.

People with chronic gastrointestinal issues may get relief by focusing on anti-inflammatory foods and probiotics. And a growing segment of the population is interested in supplements, herbs, teas and essential oils.

“People want to have more control over their health instead of just take a pill and hope for the best,” says Spano.

With respect to old-time treatments, the idea of naturopathic medicine is going mainstream.

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