Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Simplified | Diagnosis and Treatment of OCD | A Psychiatrist Explains

The hallmark of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is the presence of obsessions and compulsions.
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00:00 – Intro
01:01 – What is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?
03:07 – Types of Obsessions and Compulsions
06:45 – Risk factors for OCD
08:20 – Diagnostic Criteria for OCD
10:06 – How is OCD Treated

OCD is under-recognised, under-treated as well as frequently mistreated.
In this video, Dr Sanil Rege, Consultant Psychiatrist covers the key aspects of risk factors, diagnosis and treatment of OCD.
The following are covered:
1. What is OCD
2. What are the Risk Factors for OCD?
3. How is OCD Diagnosed?
4. How is OCD Treated?
You can read more about OCD in the detailed article written by Dr Sanil Rege