Ovarian Cancer Alternative Treatments – Week 1


Someone close to me was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Just a quick background: I am not suggesting, nor am I even close to implying that one should go straight to alternative therapies when facing a life-or-death situation. I think that the decision to go conventional and/or alternative is an individual’s decision and no one should be pressured into going either way.

In this case, we will be using conventional methods, supplemented by alternative methods. A radical hysterectomy may be necessary, as may chemo but, since seeing a specialist does take a few weeks, why not be proactive and use alternative therapies in the meantime — and even after the surgery?

Loosely based on Dr Schulze’s teachings: I suggest starting with his book “There are No Incurable Diseases” ( You can save a PDF and print the whole thing if you click on the ISUU icon on the bottom right.

Regarding dandelion root, it’s actually really good for the liver, and I gave it to my daughter when she was born with some jaundice. I made the tea and fed her a dropperful a few times per day. I also drank it and she benefited from it through my breastmilk. She was over jaundice in one day. What I was referring to was cradle cap, and I used a different tea for that. Dandelion root is amazing for many reasons.

In summary, week one involved: The start of a 30-day juice fast, liver/gallbladder flush, detox tea and I’m also making a vegetable broth. The person who is doing this routine actually gained weight despite being on a liquid diet. Colour has returned to their face and meat is getting back on those bones. So far so good.

P.S. — These are suggestions and anecdotal in nature. This is not intended to replace the advice of a professional.