Painkiller Alternative Treatments for Hydrocodone: Acupuncture: August 20, 2020


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Question on Painkiller Alternatives to Hydrocodone
Written by Rick and Terral
August 20, 2020
I received notice yesterday that the VA was cutting my Hydrocodone in half. I understand it was done to everyone. I take CBD Oil at night to help. Recently, I became aware of Kratom that comes from Asia. This is an herbal painkiller. Do you know anything about it?
Terral’s reply (08.20.2020):
Hi Rick:
Thank you for writing. No. A good idea might be to do some research on painkiller alternative programs.
Painkiller alternatives Search
This may sound odd, but I had a friend in a similar situation that found acupuncture (links) was his answer. Check out the benefits offered by the VA for vets using acupuncture for pain management:

The combination of the VA painkillers and the acupuncture therapy might do the trick for you. Some people go off the meds entirely using acupuncture. The only way to know for sure is to give it a try remembering that results can vary with the therapist.

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