Penile Enlargement Surgeries & their side effects – Dr. Surindher D S A

Penile enlargement is basically the increase in the girth, or the width of the penis. That can be done by various methods like some non surgical methods like fillers, which is not very recommended procedure. PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma is also used from their own blood, but it has its own limitations. The 2 methods are, one is using the flap. Flap is a piece of tissue which has its own blood supply. It is raised from the abdomen and it is placed under the skin of the penis to increase the girth. The second, and simpler is the fat grafting. Fat is injected under the skin of the penis, it has limitation in the amount of fat that can be placed, because the fat has to survive, and when it survives, it changes the shape of the penis shaft. We have to be careful in the amount of fat, also we don’t want any calcifications or any problems there. These are the two methods, less invasive is fat grafting, more invasive is using your own tissues. For patients who have impotence, or who can’t have penile erection, penile implants, which are silicon implants are done. About the side effects, people are worried about loss of libido, that is not the case. Local complications like fat not getting absorbed, healing problems in the first few months. Long term complications are seen rarely. About the fat grafting, once you gain weight, the fat in the penis also increases, and it changes the shape of the penis. So that has to be done in limitation and by properly trained people.