Penis Enlargement India Small Penis Fat Grafting Surgery Delhi Dr Prabhash.

Penis Enlargement surgery India Penis Fat Grafting Girth enlargement or penis fattening with fat graft injection in Delhi, India by Dr. Prabhash, M. Ch. (Plastic Surgery)(Mumbai).
Dr Prabhash
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Penis thickness is increased with fat graft harvested for lower abdomen, finest quality fat graft injected in penis to increase thickness. Please mind penis enlargement surgery is not a fashion, it will be done only if clearly required. Please also mind there is no effective technique medical or surgical to increase effective erect length of penis unless length is being restricted by some anatomical or structural deformity. Only penis girth can be increased with fat graft. Penis enlargement or penis fattening surgery with fat graft or fat injection is best suited for married people having kids, and with aging partners vaginal canal has turned little loose or they want to little spice up their life. penis enlargement we are doing within physiologically acceptable limit. Enlarged penis should be pleasant in both look and feel. we are doing fat graft in breast, face , or wherever is required. procedure is same everywhere. result is good. this is like any other surgery, no pain during surgery due to anaesthesia , and no pain after surgery as pain medications are there. mild discomfort may be there for a day or two.
Please mind this surgery is not a fashion it’s a need based surgery. You may get it only if you clearly need it.
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Disclaimer: Its a medical education video showing penile fat grafting surgery for penile thickness enlargement, expected result and details. Its not substitute of consultation with doctor.