Penis Enlargement Tips – 7 BEST Methods to Get a BIGGER, HARDER Penis Naturally Like #JohnnySins


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If you want to spice up your sex life and satisfy your partner then a Bigger Penis is a Must. So, in this video we are giving 7 Penis Enlargement Tips.
These tips will show you how to grow a bigger and harder Penis Naturally.

✅ Tip #1 – Penis Enlargement Exercises

Exercises to grow the penis are very effective. As by these exercises penis becomes erect by absorbing blood into its spongy chambers. Thankfully, these chambers can grow and become bigger and harder.
There are around 50 exercises that can increase penis size but the Most effective is Jelqing exercise.
The video shows how to perform the Jelqing exercise properly.

✅ Tip #2 – Use a Penis Pump

Using penis pumps is a great way to increase your size! By pumping, you will create a suction that will increase the blood flow to the tip of your penis, causing a very strong and big erection to form!

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There are many penis enlargement pumps available in the market from some of work and some of didn’t but this hydro based suction pump is totally different from all.
It’s totally works in different and effective way, as, this is a high-quality product that have a water chamber allowing for a very comfortable experience!

Over time, your dick will stretch both in length and width permanently, you can feel the result right just after using it.

✅ Tip #3 – Use a Penis Extender

Many people think penis extender and penis pumps are same but the fact is it’s totally different from each other, Penis extenders are devices that will gently and gradually stretch your shaft.
This is much like the stretching exercises that were mentioned earlier. It’s very powerful and effective tool, by using it you can get results within in one or two months.
For all of you, I highly recommend you to choose from these 3 brands
Size Genetics, Male Edge, Jes Extender, Pro Extender. This is the best extender on the market these days.

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✅ Tip #4 – Use Lubricants with Nutritional Support for Penis Growth

Natural oils work best and often include botanical, vitamin and antioxidant components. I recommend you to choose these, Olive oil, Almond oil, Lavender oil.
Just massage these topically into your shaft, and they will enter through your skin into deeper tissues.

✅ Tip #5 – Use Male Extra Male Enhancement Pills

Male Extra is the most trusted penis enlargement supplement trusted by many and gives you the results you want.
Male Extra is one of the most promising enhancement pills on the market that even offers a money-back guarantee. This brand claims to enhance your sex life by:
Improving your libido and stamina!
Forcing harder and more intense erections!
Permanent growth of your size!
The results aren’t seen overnight, but you will see growth in 3 to 6 months.

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✅ Tip #6 – Trim That Excess Pubic Hair

Yes, its sounds ugly but it’s true
Pubic hair can get in the way of your natural length. It will visually hide part of your penis! A trick that many porn stars use is to shave off either all of their pubic hair or just the excess parts.


✅ Tip #7 – Stop Masturbating

When you don’t masturbate or have intercourse for some time, you’ll often cum faster and have a very hard erection. It’s like not masturbating allows more blood to flow into your penis.
I am not saying to stop masturbate permanently, just try to avoid jerking off for days before having intercourse. Just be warned – you may ejaculate faster as a result!

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