Pistachio Nuts for Erectile Dysfunction


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DESCRIPTION: Men eating pistachio nuts experienced a significant improvement in blood flow through the penis accompanied by significantly firmer erections in just three weeks, perhaps due to pistachios’ antioxidant, arginine, and phytosterol content.

This is the final installment of 3-part video series on sexual health. If you missed the first two, check out Survival of the Firmest: Erectile Dysfunction and Death ( and 50 Shades of Greens (

The watermelon effect via citrulline is documented in Watermelon as Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction ( and the jogging statistic, taken from the Harvard Nurses Health Study, can be found at What Women Should Eat to Live Longer (

The absence of weight gain is, surprisingly, par for the course when it comes to studies on nuts. See Nuts and Obesity: The Weight of Evidence ( This may be for a number of reasons (see Solving the Mystery of the Missing Calories, including the “pistachio principle” (Testing the Pistachio Principle,

In addition to improving penile blood flow, nuts may also help prevent breast cancer (Tree Nuts or Peanuts for Breast Cancer Prevention?, inflammatory diseases (Fighting Inflammation in a Nut Shell, and sudden death (How Do Nuts Prevent Sudden Cardiac Death?,

I discuss the epidemic of adverse prescription drug side-effects in my 2012-13 annual review Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death ( and my new 2013-14 live presentation More Than an Apple a Day (

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