Practical Eating Tips for Strong Erections | 3 Steps To Ending Erectile Dysfunction

For erectile dysfunction & unreliable erections, if you want to know the how, when and where to get the right foods then here it is. I want to tell you the type of foods to get, what to look out for & where to get it.

This is Brian aka Uncle B with African Fly ( and as a Sexual Performance Coach my job is to tell you how to “Get your sexual health game up”.

Food is the largest part of sexual health & performance. The most important thing to remember is you have to eat energy to get energy.

This is especially true with sexual energy and curing ED. The purpose of sex is procreation and your body need the energy to create another life form…which is energy. A plant-based diet is going to cure you of ED faster than anything.

The problem is that food has changed a lot over the years. Genetically modified food now has no seeds, can last much longer than they ever have and can be really, really sweet.

The order of the types of foods to get is Fresh, Local, Organic, Raw, Cooked – pot liquor, Frozen, Preserved and Canned. But no matter what all live food is better than dead food.

When buying food look for farmers markets first then supermarkets with the last on the list being big box stored since there food is not local or fresh but is better than nothing.

Use this advice to improve your sexual performance, get rid of erectile dysfunction and have reliable erections.

Learn how to increase your sex drive, last longer and intensify your orgasms!! 👉