Prostate Cancer Alternative Treatments, Bino Rucker, M.D.


In this video Dr. Rucker discusses a patient who was diagnosed with prostate cancer three years ago. Dr. Rucker is treating this patient with ozone, and Dr. Rucker’s background makes him well suited to treat this patient or any patient looking for alternative urology medical care:

* Medical Degree at University of Virginia
* Trained in Urologic Surgery at Cornell (Sloan Kettering)
* Practiced 12 Years Conventional Medicine as Board Certified Urologist

Dr. Rucker presently practices holistic alternative medicine, and one of the tools he uses to treat our patients is ozone.

The patient today chose to change his eating and incorporate alternative therapies against his prostate cancer. Dr. Rucker injected the patient’s surrounding area of his prostate with ozone, mystery numbing agent discovered in Italy, and numbing agent. Ultrasound guidance was used in order to visualize the anatomy of the prostate and ensure Dr. Rucker did not inject into the prostate. This unique technique was created by Dr. Rucker and we believe there is not anyone doing this type of technique in the world.

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