Psychedelics, Digital Therapeutics & Healing Addiction | MIND CURIOUS #1


Psychedelics combined with psychotherapy are paving the way for big strides in mental health care providing patients alternative solutions with powerful healing potential. This is leading to the rise of innovative digital therapeutics to make the patient-therapist connection seamless & effective during treatment and at home.

In this episode of MIND CURIOUS, Sherry Walling PhD, Founder & Psychologist at ZenFounder chats with Geoff Belaire, CTO at MINDCURE & Erik Kerr, Founder of LifeTraq about MINDCURE’s new technology iSTRYM & how wearables such as Oura Ring are being used to treat addiction & more.

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0:00 – Introduction
2:14 – First Guest: Geoff Belair
3:21 – What are Digital Therapeutics?
5:03 – What goes into building iSTRYM?
6:41 – Data-driven Insights
9:55 – After-Session Integration
13:30 – Second Guest: Erik Kerr
14:07 – Making our own data accessible to us
15:29 – Predicting Outcomes
19:52 – Pilot study on addiction
27:49 – Geoff Belaire – The human element
30:23 – The concerns with Digital Therapeutics
33:38 – Psychedelics’ disruption of the healthcare system

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