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We don’t blow smoke we just tell you stuff that is mind shattering by Nature, watch the entire video, sprinkle it out there like chickenpox, Med beds are coming, this technology cannot be stopped it’s been here for a long time, just been hidden from us, simply because we are a bunch of peasants, live demonstration coming in the weeks to come, Cynthia is telling us we will not believe your eyes, are you ready?, Because I know I am!!!

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Gesara Quantum Financial System Ron Steel

XRP Future: Trillions of Transactions Per Second

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This is the new Quantum Financial system. These two videos below basically prove what we’ve been saying all along.


People 🍉

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The Quantum Financial System Manual is intended for the new user who knows nothing about cryptos, or the XRP system, providing you watch the videos in the order they were posted, top to bottom. You won’t be lost when you watch the videos that land inside the chat room.

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