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In this video we explain how to make garlic infused honey, and what the benefits are. Herbal remedy is something that many people ask us about, so watch this video now!


We have a series of videos on natural remedies – check out our channel. If you decide that this kind of remedy is for you, then you may also be interested in the link below. The Lost Book Of Remedies is, in our opinion, one of the best publications on the market currently. If you are serious about exploring home remedy then check out the link below, it’s quite an eye opener!

The Lost Book Of Remedies



Many of the recipes and suggestions on this channel would benefit from use of a blender and smoothie maker. We have used many over the years and recommend the following two items, both of which we are currently using today. The Breville Blend Active is a very simple, easy to use, blender for general use and comes with two smoothie bottles. It’s 300W. The Nutri Ninja is slightly more expensive but has a more powerful 1000W motor, pulses, and basically breaks food down much finer. We’re pleased with both items though.

Breville Blend Active Personal Blender & Smoothie Maker 300W
Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ 1000W


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Our main focus is to provide simple, natural home remedy and herbal cures for everyday infections and problems. We also look at the benefits of eating nutritional whole foods to improve the overall health of the body.


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