Retired welder with pelvic pain & digestive issues reports recovery with GONSTEAD Chiropractic


Working as a welder, Rod suffered from on-going low back pain, pelvic pain, and digestive issues. Having never been exposed to the Gonstead chiropractic system before, he sought other alternative healing options. He was only able to maintain his current state of health and not regress . . . but he wanted more. He refused to accept his pain as “normal.”

Fortunately, when he moved to Southern California, a good friend referred him to the Gohl Clinic, an exclusively Gonstead system provider. Rod is a holistic thinker and understands the way the nervous system runs and controls the whole body. When subluxations present themselves, they interfere with the nervous system. This can lead to serious dysfunction, from musculoskeletal issues, such sciatic pain, to organic symptoms, such as digestive issues and hormone imbalances.
Distressed, Rod decided to give chiropractic another chance. This time he did it with the GONSTEAD Chiropractic technique.

After just a few treatments, Rod reported significant changes! He now feels younger with no more constant “soreness” and ongoing pelvic pain. He is excited being able to walk up straight and keep off his extra weight. And his last estimate is that his digestion is “91% improved” since he started care with us. The Gonstead Chiropractic technique is precise and specific to each individual and Rod got to experience the Gonstead difference.

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