Sciatica and its Natural Remedies – Naturopathy & Herbalism


FREEDOM FROM DISEASE DRUGS AND DOCTORS. SCIATICA information and its best natural remedies. Part of online course of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Get information, remedies and best natural herbal cures to most diseases, mainly Stress depression and Addictions. We urge you to stop the use of plastics absolutely and see what new positive wonders Mother Nature starts to play in your life. Working for Good Health and Happiness of All BEINGS ENVIRONMENT & MANKIND. I believe that If I light a path to someone, my path will be enlightened too. ELIXIR HERBALS by Dr. Bikram Gill ND, NLP, BA (Psychology) Addictions & Family Counsellor +91 76430 00014, 76450 00014.
The dosage is different for everyone n depends upon person to person depending upon their level n type of illness. This video n others like this are for education purposes only. For treatment its always best to consult u’re doctor before trying anything from the internet. If u wanna consult me, I’m available 24/7 you are most welcome to call or msg me on WhatsApp at +91 76430 00014 or thru my website at I offer advise for free, its just the herbal supplements that I charge for coz I believe IF I LIGHT A PATH TO SOMEONE, MY PATH WILL BE ENLIGHTENED TOO. Thankyou