Sex & Mrs X


It’s funny what a few days in Paris can teach a newly single woman about love and life. But it’s downright ironic that she learns it all from the head of a high-priced escort service. Joanna Taylor (Linda Hamilton, “Terminator 2”), whose husband has just left her for a younger woman, is a prominent New York journalist assigned a story on Paris’ most secretive and successful madam. Though not interested at first in writing this “sexpose”, she realizes that a month in the City of Lights might do her good. Soon after meeting the sophisticated and wise Madame Simone (Jacqueline Bisset, “Joan of Arc”), Joanna finds herself the one being interviewed. It doesn’t take long for this worldly madam to size up Joanna and strip away her cold veneer. What is revealed is simply an insecure woman who needs to feel desirable again. Like a modern day Pygmalion who educates and refines beautiful young women, Madame Simone offers her expertise in helping Joanna rediscover her sexuality and sense of self. With Paris as the perfect backdrop, Joanna undergoes a physical and emotional transformation that leaves her empowered, confident and looking great. So as the writer becomes the subject, Joanna searches to create a happy ending for all before returning home. She succeeds by digging into Madame Simone’s past and finding the only way to repay this woman who has helped so many others find happiness and true love.