Sexual Aversion Disorder & Erectile Dysfunction युवाओं मे नपुंसकता और घृणा


Please watch: “Repeated thoughts about sex – हमेशा सेक्स के विचार आने की बिमारी – Dr. Deepak Kelkar (MD)”
• Dr. Deepak Kelkar
• Psychiatrist
• Hypnotherapist
• Psychotherapist,
• De-addiction Specialist
• Anxiety and Depression ( Counselling )
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Kelkar Hospital is a 100 bedded Psychiatric Hospital in Maharashtra located at Akola. . Patients with various mental illnesses are admitted & treated here.
Kelkar Hospital has another specialized branch at Akola where patients are admitted for a longer stay. Patients, who do not have relatives to take care of them, are also admitted here. It is a rehabilitation center.
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