Spooky2 Testimonial: Healing A Severe Case of Brain Damage


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Healing a severe case of brain damage

by Dr. Guido Frans Verrier, ‘Viver na Luz’ Clinic, Coimbra, Portugal.

This a little bit of the story of Alex who has been my client for 6 months now. Alex was operated on 27 years ago for a brain tumor that removed part of his right side brain followed by chemo therapy and was hospitalized for over a year. When he was discharged the doctors said he wouldn’t last long. He was suffering from epilepsy and the medication was leaving him drowsy and apathic. With the help of homeopathic treatments he regained some mobility and independence. Then for a long time nothing happened. The doctors on his regular checkups wondered why he was still alive at which he answered: ‘Because I want to’.

When I first met Alex he was shy and ashamed for his skull deformation and didn’t talk much. His speech was somewhat mumbled and his reasoning often incoherent. He had memory and concentration problems, had little control over his left body side, especially his left arm, his foot would collapse and he could hardly lift his left leg. Going down the stairs was one step at a time. People would often make fun of him when he said ‘I will get healed with alternative medicine’.

We started weekly 1 hour treatments with Spooky2 Plasma Central, at first for his epilepsy so he would be able to stop his medication altogether. After 3 months it improved so much that we moved on to various Nerve Restauration Programs. That was when he first noticed in his yoga sessions that he could bend and move a lot better and his improvement started to get noticed by others wondering what he was doing.

At that time he decided to buy a XM Starters Kit and do contact and remote sessions at home. I promised to train him as I do with other clients who bought a Spooky2 Kit and translate part of the manual for him. It was quite a challenge for his brain to understand all the terms and procedures, but momentarily he is making his own Presets and even started to treat his elderly parents. He got really enthusiastic about Spooky2 and the people in the village, noticing the difference in him, showed more interest, so much that recently a friend of his bought a basic kit to treat himself on his long journeys as an international truck driver.

When asked about the differences before and now he points to the fact that he has more self-confidence mentally and physically, has a better memory and can now raise his arm above his head whereas before it was stuck to his chest. He can walk down the stairs normally, hold things with his left hand to help his right hand and turned into a quick walker. After the weekly treatments he often feels stinging or electrical pulses going through his arm and leg, a sign that his nervous system is waking up after being asleep for 27 years.

‘I feel that my right brain is working better and starting to control the left body side again’.

‘I never thought I would be able to do my own treatments and get better’

‘I have become my own medic and often laugh now at my GP when he is amazed about my progress and say to him: You don’t know everything. Start learning about Spooky2 Rife treatments!