T2Z School of Social Care S2:EP04 CST and Reminiscence Therapy in Social Care with Dawn Bunter


It was a delight to be having a detailed discussion with Dawn Bunter (1/3 of The Caring View) about her history of working with individuals living with Dementia and how she found and implemented her passion of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and Reminiscence Therapy as we learn about Dawn’s journey in the process.

We talked about:

Dawn’s own experiences

how research has backed up CST as a proven drug alternative

Dawn’s own hands on experiences of using these forms of therapies

Why CST and RT can be more widely used

How it can (and should) be implemented into daily care and support

The journey of getting to understand someone living with Dementia

And a whole lot more…

Please see some useful links below that Dawn has provided us.