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Liver Cleanse/Detox Part 4: Afterthoughts and Reflections – Andreas Mortiz Protocol

The 4th and final video in my cleansing/detoxing series! I just do a little chatting about how I feel, and what I’ve done post-flush to take of myself and my body, as well as elaborate on plans for future flushes moving forward. Overall it was a very positive experience and I’m so glad I did it 🙂 Feel free to ask any questions in the comments!

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Liver Cleanse/Detox Part 2: The Prep Week | L’amour et la Musique

Part 2 of my liver cleansing journey! You can see Part 1 here, where I explain the cleanse more in detail (Andreas Moritz protocol): As I upload this, I’m going through the actual flush itself, which happens over 2 days. I’ve been vlogging the experience, so I’ll put that together for Part 3 and upload in a few days! Hope you’ll tune back in. Thanks for watching, and subscribe for weekly natural beauty and lifestyle videos! Disclaimer: […]

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Liver Cleanse/Detox Part 1: Andreas Moritz Protocol | L’amour et la Musique

Yes, I’m one of those – I’m in the middle of doing a liver cleanse/detox/flush. No, this is not medical advice (I feel this disclaimer is important). I wanted to chronicle my experience with the Andreas Moritz protocol in a 4 video series. Here’s Part 1. I actually filmed this almost 3 weeks ago so as this is posting I’m in the middle of the prep week, and I’ll upload that over the weekend. Feel free to […]

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