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Natural Remedies For Gum Disease: Plants For Healthy Teeth

What’s the link between oral health and Alzheimer’s? New research is bolstering the idea that the brain disease is linked to gum disease. Heirloom veggies are a delicious way to take care of your teeth and gums! Previous studies have established a link between gum disease and Alzheimer’s. But in new research published this week in the journal Science Advances, researchers reported slowing the neurodegenerative effects of the bacteria Porphyromonas gingivalis, or Pg, in mice using an […]

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Scientists at IRB Barcelona dance for cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes research

[ad_1] Scientists at Barcelona’s Institute for Research in Biomedicine have been busy learning their dance moves for this video to raise awareness and support for research into diseases such as cancer and metastasis, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Be a part of it. Donate. Update: The visualizations of this video no longer contribute funds to IRB Barcelona research. Actualització: Les visualitzacions d’aquest vídeo ja no aporten fons a la recerca de l’IRB Barcelona. Actualización: Las visualizaciones de este vídeo […]

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Diabetes & Alzheimer’s — save your brain by going to the gym | Ewan McNay | TEDxAlbany

[ad_1] This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Recent discoveries (many in my lab) on the links between type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease; translation of that lab work into real-life advice and consequences. My work examines the role of metabolic processes in regulating brain function, and specifically in regulating memory processing. We use a variety of animal models to examine the behavioral and neurochemical impact of modulations including […]

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