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Can Plant Based Diet Fix Erectile Dysfunction? Dr Neal Barnard

[ad_1] Can a vegan plant based diet reverse erectile dysfunction naturally? Can diet cure erectile dysfunction without drugs? Does erectile dysfunction indicate something more serious? What foods should men be eating to fix erectile dysfunction? Keep listening as Dr Neal Barnard answers these question…… If you want to add translations just click the gear icon and go to Subtitles/CC then go to Add Subtitles or CC Heart Disease & A Plant Based Diet Dr Barnard’s Website Dr […]

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Best chair based exercise for Type 2 Diabetes: GLUCOSEZONE

This 30 minute chair based strength and resistance training routine will lower blood sugar, burn fat, and build upper body and core muscles. GlucoseZoneā„¢ is a digital therapeutic designed to help you reach your diabetes and exercise goals. Based on your real-time blood sugar levels, GlucoseZone provides you with individualized and tailored guidance, education, and support to help you meet the exercise requirement of diabetes management. To see more content and start your FREE TRIAL. GlucoseZoneĀ® | […]

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