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There is no outer beauty without inner beauty, so this month I focused on cleaning up from the inside out and did a liver cleanse. An intense experience involving a vegan diet, fasting, unusual beverages, a colon cleanse and… some time on the toilet. And even though I got a bit hangry, afterwards I felt cleansed and full of energy. Make sure you get the right guidance if you want to try this at home! Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/doutzen […]

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College Friends Sex Girl Video Enjoying Friend's Newly Married Wife, Best Romantic Scenes 2019

[ad_1] 👉Pleaselease Subscribe Share Now for More Hot Roamanc Video Watching Click Here… 👉Note :- All copyrights of the pictures and music that are used in my videos are owned by its respective owners and i really appreciate them. If any of the owners have a problem with your pictures and music used here, please send me a message and i will remove them. If any issue please contact this E-mail, don’t send “STRIKE” our channel. E-Mail […]

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TYPE 1 DIABETES IN COLLEGE ADVICE // talking to profs, special accommodations, making friends

[ad_1] You guys asked so many awesome questions about going to college/university with type 1! I realize this video is a long one, so… 00:49 – Telling your professors about your diabetes 2:15 – Having a job in college 2:52 – Friends making fun of diabetes devices 3:31 – Having really really bad lows 3:56 – Giving insulin in class 4:38 – Go-to low snack for in the middle of a lecture 5:03 – Controlling your diabetes […]

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