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From Cirrhosis to a Hepatitis C Cure | William’s Story

Hepatitis C is a viral infection causing liver disease. Over 3 million people in the US are infected with hepatitis C and over half remain undiagnosed. The vast majority of individuals living with hepatitis C do not have symptoms until the liver disease progresses to cirrhosis and liver failure. This is the story of William who never worried about his hepatitis C infection until he developed severe itching throughout his body. He entered into care in the […]

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Liver Disease Signs & Symptoms (ex. gynecomastia, bruising) | Hepatic Stigmata

Lesson on Hepatic Stigmata and the clinical signs and symptoms of liver disease including cirrhosis and hepatitis. The liver has many critical functions for maintaining health and well-being. If liver function is impaired, many signs and symptoms (stigmata) can occur. In this lesson, you will learn a list of clinical signs and symptoms of hepatic (liver) disease, and you will also learn why these signs and symptoms occur and the pathogenesis surrounding these clinical issues. If you […]

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