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Hungry monkeys brawl over food as coronavirus hits tourism in Thailand

[ad_1] A large crowd of monkeys has been filmed brawling over a pot of yoghurt in a street in Thailand. A fall in tourist numbers amid the Covid-19 outbreak has resulted in far fewer people offering them food. The video was filmed in Lopburi, a city north-east of Bangkok that is famed for its monkey population Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► How to stop the spread of coronavirus ► Support the Guardian ► Today in […]

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Diabetes Hits Hardest in Poor Countries That Aren't Overweight. Why?

[ad_1] We tend to think of Type 2 diabetes as a scourge caused by the fatty diets and sedentary lifestyles of modern Western countries. But scientists are now realizing that’s less than half the story. [ad_2]

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