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How Satellite Images Reveal the Global Impact of the Coronavirus

[ad_1] Information regarding Coronavirus and public advice: If you want to support documentaries like this make sure to subscribe! Follow us on social media: Twitter: @neo_channel_ Facebook: Business inquiries: E-Mail: general@neo-youtube.com Video description: The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has lead to a severe disruption of public life, with people around the globe practicing social distancing measures in order to fight the spread of the virus. In this video we want to focus on the consequences of the pandemic […]

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Images show mass burials at NYC public cemetery

[ad_1] While the rate of coronavirus hospitalizations may be falling in New York, New York City’s morgues are so crowded that crews are digging mass graves on Hart Island, near the Bronx, for bodies that have been unclaimed for more than two weeks. David Begnaud reports on the city’s ongoing crisis, and how the pandemic is now taking hold of the midwest. [ad_2]

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