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Penis Enlargement Injection Procedure in Kuala Lumpur. Premier Clinic

Penis enlargement can be performed by a simple and pain-free dermal filler injection by experienced doctors. A small needle is used with adequate numbing medications or analgesia to ensure it is comfortable. Up to 25 percent of circumference increase can be achieved. The bulkier penis hangs out more, thus providing a lengthening effect as well. The results last 3 to 5 years. There is no downtime, meaning you can return to your daily activities after the procedure. […]

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Penis Enlargement in Kuala Lumpur Premier Clinic

Sexual organ is part of our biological make up yet is often a taboo to discuss about this topic openly among families and friends. With growing sophistication and affluence, the demands from patient are getting bigger. Requests for this cosmetic enhancement is on the steady rise. Typically, penile enlargement is sought after for micro-penis or small penis, which can be attributed to hormonal deficiency. Having a small penis affect a person’s self esteem, making one insecure and […]

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