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Kundalini yoga complex for getting rid of irritation, anger, nervousness. Liver cleanse

Dear friends, welcome to my channel. I am Lisa Grail and I love to delight you with my favorite kundalini yoga kriyas. This kriya is for the nervous system, from anger and irritability, from internal emotional stress. It cools your inner heat, anger, aggression, relieves stress and gives a feeling of positive expanded consciousness, and opens up energy in the body. This is one of the most amazing kriyas I know. It also cleanses our internal digestive […]

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उपाय जो करेगा हर रोग को दूर I Remedies to Cure Any Disease.

Once more you all are heartily welcome . Today I am going to share with you this remedy which around you or you yourself or your family members, if anyone is suffering from any disease, this one remedy can get you cured of it. Astrologically the 6th house in your horoscope is said to be responsible for diseases . We can predict if a person has some physical ailment by checking this 6th house. And the ruler […]

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